We're all about the fans…

“This is by far and away the best tomato sauce I have ever tasted. My husband and I moved to Florida from NJ 13 years ago and have been searching for a tomato that tastes like a tomato! We found it in this sauce.”
-Ellen Rossitto

“Best store bought sauce! It’s very low in sodium and has no added sugar. All the ingredients are natural and my 2 year old loves it!”
- Bess Silverman Stoff

“I had been looking for this for quite a while, then finally found it in a Shoprite in North Jersey, (there was none in Cape May County that I could find) I was visiting family up North, and finally found it, and all I can say is 'I'M DOOMED!" I'm gonna have to buy this by the case unless this post nudges 'The JT Co.' to get in down in CMCounty (hint, hint). Never again will I buy any of the other jars. I didn't use this for a conventional Pasta dish, but instead used the Marinara for a "Bangin' Hot Bowl of 'Jersey Tomato Soup', I made homemade Cheddar Crotons, and finished with a drizzle of cream, at first my husband thought it was kind of a skimpy dinner to serve our company, then we all tasted it, and the rest was history (really none left) take it from a born and raised 'Jersey Girl' try it, you won't be sorry…”
-Janie Flynn
“This is a great sauce! I love that it is low in sodium which can be challenging to find. Great on pastas and pizzas!”
- Katie Homan
“This jarred sauce is the BEST. I use it all the time for company and get soooo many compliments. If you are from Jersey you know that they have the best tomatoes and this sauce proves it. Also, the price can’t be beat. Buy it you will love it.”
- Gayle Silverman

“Super fresh, I can’t believe this sauce is in a jar tastes like homemade! Amazing!”
- Debbie Berman

“My whole family loves this sauce!!! It really is the best on the shelf!!”
- Karen Kirstein Bergman

“This is my favorite jarred sauce. It has a fresh garden tomato flavor.”
- Denise Leuer-Christensen

This sauce tasted so fresh and homemade, not like a typical jarred sauce! Won’t use other sauces anymore! Delicious!
- Jessica Kwartner Rosen