Tomato Basil Sauce - Case of Six

Tomato Basil Sauce - Case of Six


Fresh basil meets the world renowned Jersey tomato. Farm Fresh Flavor and Naturally Lower Sodium make this a better-for-you food. Bring the red, ripe and juicy Jersey tomato flavor home! A tomato sauce with fresh-picked deliciousness and no added sugar. Full flavor with 60% less sodium than most leading sauce brands.

Each case contains six 25oz. (709g) jars of Tomato Basil sauce. Every jar of sauce from The Jersey Tomato Co. is stamped with the Made Jersey Fresh logo - indicating the New Jersey Department of Agriculture has confirmed the sauce is made with 100% Jersey tomatoes. Nutritional information below. Jars are glass. We only ship to the 48 contiguous states. 

All Natural - All Jersey - All Good.

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